The Organization

I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time but that is because I’m trying to make things out there in the real world where I can make money from it. You might recognize this project from the comic I attempted to make a few years ago, I even posted some of Todd’s artwork for it and some short story’s made from scraps of this on this page. After some time working on other stuff, I revisited this script with my friend Candice who wanted to film it as soon as she read it. Anyway, please check out the project page and support us. Even if you can’t donate, share the page with your friends and family. There might be someone you know who can donate and finds the project interesting enough to do so.


An Adventure in Avery’s Absence pgs.15-17

So I didn’t post page 15 on friday and I’m not going to post 16 and 17 yet because I’m really struggling to get the ending right. Obviously the entire comic won’t make sense until I letter it but I want the end to punch as much as it should for the narrative visually. Therefore, what I have on paper isn’t fit to publish. I may start posting lettered pages before I post those final three pages. Of course I need to actually scan them all first instead of just take pictures with my phone. Stay with me guys and thank you for all the positive feedback.